The Magdala Trilogy by Peter Longley

Peter Longley, author of The Magdala Trilogy: A Six-Part Epic Depicting a Plausible Life of Mary Magdalene and Her Times

Peter Longley graduated with a master's degree in theology from Cambridge University in 1970. He was a licensed lay-reader and preacher in the Anglican Church both in Ireland and the United States. Brought up in England, Longley lived in Ireland from 1966-1977. Since 1977, he has lived in the United States in Georgia, Minnesota, and Missouri. He is a member of the Westar Institute and has long supported the work of The Jesus Seminar.

Apart from The Magdala Trilogy, Peter Longley is the author of five other published books: Two Thousand Years Later, Love is Where Your Rosemary Grows, Forsythia, Orbit: Life with My People and Twenty-Five Years Before the Mast-A Cruise Director Looks Back. He is the author of numerous horticultural, historical, and political articles and has an interesting unpublished full-length autobiographical manuscript: A Vision of an Empty Cross, a personal spiritual journey.